Education Program

Love Understand and Accept (LUA) is a project within Doors of Hope Organization. The project was started in June 2017  by 12  parents of whom majority have children afflicted by Cerebral Palsy (CP)  and are in dire need of specialized services in rehabilitation, education, and economic empowerment services. LUA has since expanded with a membership of 117 families and are members of the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWDs) in Kenya.

In education, we focus on Disability Literacy services where currently we have more than 100 persons with disabilities that we are training on instrumental skills such as apprenticeship, reading and writing, hands-on skills development and life skills. We have projects that are aligned with improving literacy levels of PWDs including:

  • Special Needs Education that aims to provide basic training on speech therapy through special need experts who offer these services. As we have noted in the CP cases we have in our database, these children and adults can be taught on reading and writing as well as hands-on skills such as drawing, crafts making and beading.
  • A day care center that offers rehabilitative therapy, that is Occupational Therapy, speech therapy, and physiotherapy.

Overall Goal:

Cerebral Palsy persons and Care Providers have access to psycho-social services, protection, and education.


We have a Special Education teacher, Occupational Therapist and caregivers who care for the children.